About Us

It’s about a journey which links two painful moments, diagonally apart and with a significant gap of seven years. It’s difficult to explain the feelings bubbling at the time of joining and leaving the prestigious Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Those who get a chance to taste the flavor, are the chosen ones and have something incredibly different from rest of the world. It is never easy for anyone to sum up all the emotions in just a few lines. It’s a never ending talk when two navodayans meet, even if they have never met before. Today, navodayans are proving their mettle in every field after passing out from the school. Not only at the professional front but also they are far ahead when it comes to showcasing their x-factor. You name a field and you will find a navodayan leading the show.

Navodayans.in is an initiative to bring all inspirational stories related to navodayans under one roof. It’s also a platform for talented navodayans to showcase their x-factor. Let’s know more about all navodayan stars, which will inspire young ones to do good in their lives. Go through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) given below, to know more about us and also to find ways on how can you contribute to this great mission.

What is Navodayans.in?

It’s a website dedicated to everyone related to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, with an aim to inspire and motivate young navodayans to perform well in their lives. Apart from publishing inspirational stories, we also publish useful information related to Career, Jobs, Alumni Events, Admissions and much more, keeping needs of every navodayan in mind.

Who is behind this initiative?

In short, it’s a team of energetic navodayans, spread across different parts of India to meet a common goal of inspiring young navodayans. All are working professionals and devote their free time to nurture this great initiative.

How to join as a reader?

You can subscribe to our recent updates on Facebook Page, and also through Push Notification when prompted. We will add more methods of subscriptions soon.

What all stories we publish?

We love to publish anything and everything which is related to Naodayans in general. But to be specific, we are more interested in publishing Success Stories, Interviews, Talents, Alumni Events, Achievements, Post Event Summary, Information, Career Opportunities, and Inspirational Journey of Life of a Navodayan.

How to get my article published at Navodayans.in?

If you feel you have done something which deserves to be published on Navodayans.in, you may approach us through our Facebook Page, or you may drop us an email at info@navodayans.in with relevant information and contact details. We will get back to you after required analysis if your story is worth publishing. Don’t worry, we will extend all necessary support in drafting a good article. You may also refer other navodayan for the same and with your inputs, we will get back to them.

How can I contribute to this great initiative?

We can understand your excitement to be a part of this great mission, you may contribute by following means:

1. Writing Articles: If you are good at drafting articles, and covering stories, you may join us as an author and help us in publishing great articles on the website.

2. Information Collection: You may collect information similar to what we publish. It will be good for us to get real-time information about an Alumni Event, Information about an inspiring navodayan (no matter he was successful in his efforts or not),.

3. Promotions: You may help us in reaching every navodayan by sharing website contents on various social networking groups and pages time to time. We understand this is an important task as sometimes great efforts get unnoticed if it is not advertised properly. You may join us as a promotion volunteer, to promote this website in existing groups or you may create a new one for the same.

4. Editing: We sometimes need editing experts for photos, videos, and graphics. You may be a part of our team for extending editing support as and when required.

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