Rap in Style with Devendra Pisda

Life actually begins, when all your attempts fail to work. You start from ground zero, nothing to lose but a lot to gain if you introspect and concentrate all your energy towards your aim. Today, we are going to introduce you to an energetic, and a vibrant personality, whose roots belong to JNV-Barsoor and what he does is somewhat difficult for others.

Devendra Pisda, finds his interest in rap music. He started rapping since 8th standard in Navodaya and wrote a number of track lyrics in subsequent years to entertain his friends in the school. An innovative thought came to his mind to rap in Chhattisgarhi language when he was in 11th standard, as no one else has ever tried that professionally before. But life is not so simple, he wrote a Chhattisgarhi rap song “Hey Mor Rani” with a big ambition and was kicked out of the music studio at Raipur for the reason unknown. This became a life-changing moment for him, he realized that training and hard work is also a key ingredient along with the passion, to gain success in life.

Soon he started learning different skills and started devoting more time to arts, music, choreography, sports, academic, yoga and dance etc. Thanks to Navodaya, as he got the opportunity to visit a lot of areas around Chhattisgarh and Panchmarhi on official scout tour. As he was continuously improving himself in subsequent years, he also earned some certificates in various co-curricular activities in the school. He loves to play Congo, Drums, and octopad during his navodaya days and entertained many. He is a hardcore video gamer too, he understands the positive and negative part of it but gives credits to it for making him learn a lot, especially in multitasking things. Apart from virtual gaming, Devendra was also a lead player in Basketball, skills learned in navodaya helped him to win matches during his college days and made him qualify for state-level games.

Devendra says, “I learned a lot from every incident of my life. A broken heart, a friend who betrayed me and a studio that kicked me out, are three unique incidences of my life which keeps me energized not to stop until I achieve my aim. Pain teaches you a lot till the end of your life, no matter who you are”.

He believes that, if u want to do something then you will have to do it alone. Always think that no one will be with you to help in your difficult times. You have to stand alone if you want to achieve something serious that no one has ever achieved before. With these thoughts, he concentrated his energy on his creativity and released his first official song to get the fame of first Chhattisgarhi rapper but he didn’t get desired attention.

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He kept moving between so many ups and downs in his life, we know the comeback is always stronger than the setback. Soon he made a team and started working on his creativity. His main idea is to drag the mass attention from the party, girls, and drug-themed songs to some more serious issues. He wants to convey the social message through his rap tracks for which he has already compiled eight tracks flavored with his own experience of life.

Listen to his track and follow him on his YouTube Channel.