Expressions – A Rainbow of Emotions

Life is all about, doing what you love. Just follow your dreams and you will always be the happiest person on the earth. This is the life mantra of our new talent, who was not a trained singer but was fortunate enough to understand what she wanted from her life, well in time. Now, she is a popular singer on the social network with a great fan following, also she launched her debut audio album which is available on for all of us to enjoy. Go through the article to know more about Mrs. Preeti Pandey an alumna of JNV Jind and a queen of a melodious voice.

Preeti was a born singer, although apart from Navodaya’s routine music classes, she never took any professional training of music during her school days. She was also interested in poetry and songwriting, but you know for a science stream student Music and extra co-curricular activities are given a second-grade treatment at home and in the peer group.

Preeti with her Guitar

In the year 2015, she experienced strange feelings about her life and after a lot of introspection, she came to a conclusion that she is not at all happy with what she was doing. She was unsatisfied with her work and was frequently looking for options to vent our her feelings which were bubbling in her mind all the time. On the 4th day of Septemeber 2015, she decided that she can’t suppress her feelings anymore. She took out and tuned her guitar which was lying in the cabinet for part Eight years and her first song was born. It was a very satisfying moment for her, as she finally knew the secret of happiness.

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Her voice was not in tune but the excitement was extreme, so she started taking vocal classes along with the online guitar lessons. She preferred social network as her stage and started recording new songs, the majority of them were written by her own. It gave her immense pleasure and she is enjoying every bit of it. She is also experimenting with songwriting and learning day by day, with a gradual improvement.

Preeti says, “I am a poet at heart, a writer by nature and a singer by the soul. I think I am blooming like a flower, carefree and at my own pace. Music is a gift of God, it heals my soul.”

She has recently launched her debut audio album Expressions – A Rainbow of Emotions under the banner of Aone Music Station. Album has a total of five songs written and sang by Preeti, on the music composed by Mr. Ravi Mathew.