Musings Of Reminiscences In Life

There Was A Time When A CRUSH Meant The

World To You….

LOVE Was Something For Which

You Could Die For….

Passing An Exam Was All

That Mattered….

Playing In Games Hour, Banters In Snacks Time,

Rushing For TV Hour Right After Dinner,

Flouting   Rules, Skipping Morning Assembly, Fooling Teachers,

Bursting Time Bomb (Crackers) With The Help Of Agarbatti,

Post Breakfast Nap Bunking Classes, Surreptitiously Watching Movies Late Night &

Gossiping With Friends Esp On Topics

Related To Ghost On Weekends, A Much-Awaited

Movie On Sundays,

An Occasional Holiday, A Rainy Morning (Relief From PT),

Creation Of Zoo Like Ambience Once Light Gone

& Pin Drop Silence Just Before Generator Lights Are On,

Shouting From Hostel Even On The Day Of Exams As Crucial As 12th Finals

That Too While School Bus Would Go To Collect Question Paper From Local PS,

Sleeping On Terrace To Dodge Creepy House Master’s Early Morning Whistle Sounds,

Defying Hostel & School Authorities,

Inter-House Public Dhulai ( Public Bashing After Covering With A Blanket),

Getting Gatepass, Mud Bath In Holi & Bathing In Nearby River After That, Incessant Fun

During Sports Meets & Inter-House Competitions,

Jumping Boundary Walls, Climbing Water Tank &

Writing Apologies When Caught Etc Was The

Ultimate Entertainment….

Having A Small FM Radio, CD Player, AWalkman Or AnFM Enabled Phone Was

Absolutely Lavish( Keeping Electronic Devices, Gadgets Were Strictly Prohibited)….

Our Mischief, Notoreity Was Such That School Authorities Had To Come Up

With Idea Of Asking Compulsory Undertaking Affidavit From Everyone Who Wanted To

Continue After 10th Standard….

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They Called It Going With The Wind….Fun, Enjoyment Was At Its Peak….

LIFE Seemed So Beautiful….

This Was The Golden Period Of Life So I


But Are These Permanent?

Will The Crush Remain Forever?

Will The Love Be Lifelong?

Well, I Guess Not
(There May Be Some Exceptions Though)….

Slowly You Will See People Change….Someone

Whom You Were Thinking Of As FRIENDs, Turns

Out To Be A Backstabber….


It Becomes Like “Come On…Whatever”

LOVE ???

Does That Even Last??? Someone For Whom You

Could Die For, A Few Years Back, Now Dont Even

Look Back At You…

So What Was All That Shit

Few Years Back??? (Though There May Be A

Lucky Few, Who Manage To Make It Lifelong)…


You Will Just Laugh At Yourself,

Even Thinking About The Mental Pressure

You Went Through To Pass Those EXAMs…

Slowly & Gradually, Those Things Will Make You

Realize That You Are Much Wiser & Much More

Matured Now Than What You Were Back Then…

So Does That Mean You Should Not Have Done

All That ???

No, I Dont Think So….

You LIVE Only Once….


Its Called Living ONLY When You Go Through All

These Experiences….

Without Mistakes How Were

You Supposed To Learn Either???

That Golden Period Becomes GOLDEN Only

Because Of These Resonant


These Memories Are For

Lifetime, Be It Good Or Bad….

You Can Look Back,

Treasure, Get Nostalgic & Smile One Day

With A Sense Of Great Self-Satisfaction Saying

Yes I Have
Gone Through All Those

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Submitted By: Mafuzur Rahman