Melissa Mathias | India’s Youngest Marine Engineering Officer

Melissa Mathias is an alumnus of JNV Udupi, she became the India’s youngest fourth engineer, who cleared MEO Class 4 exam and made every Navodayan proud. Our team got the opportunity to interact with her, have a glimpse of it below:

Q1. Congratulations on your success. All Navodayans are really proud of your achievement. So now you have become an epitome of success for all Navodayans. How do you feel about it?

Thank you… I’m really feeling good. Thanks for everyone who supported me in this journey.

Q2. Any role model for your journey to success?

Yes, my mother… Her name is Irine Ivy Mathias. I have always seen her working hard… From her, I learned one thing that hard work has no replacement…

Q3. Where can we find our Marine Engineer in her free time?

In free time I’ll be found mostly surfing the internet, finding new things and listening to music… And yes exploring places.

Q4. You chose Marine Engineering. Any specific goals or motivation?

Yeah…my father always used to feel a bit sad coz he had only daughters and no son. To make him happy I had to do something which usually boys choose like being a marine engineer.

Q5. How you prepared for the exam?

I just kept on doing hard work and some smart work too??

Q6. We all have childhood memories of Navodaya. Any memory you would like to share with us?

Yes, my English teacher Mr. L Joseph asked me what u want to become when u grow and I told a Marine engineer.

Q7. How Navodaya life helped you in achieving your goals?

Navodaya is a place where I groomed myself…Here I learnt importance of knowledge and intelligence.. And there’s a lot of difference between studying in a private school and Navodaya…I owe navodaya my success too… I love u JNV chats Udupi??

Q8. Any tips for young  Navodayans to prepare for the competitive world?

For my Navodaya juniors, I would like to say put your best and work hard… It’s hard work that matters.