Meet A Melodious Voice From Rajasthan

For all of us, the voice is a precious gift of God, but there are very few who understands the magic of it and take it to another level. A melodious voice is so powerful that it can win many hearts at any given point of time, it can relax our mind & soul and can instil positivity around. Today we are going to introduce the owner of a melodious voice, Prakash Dan from JNV-Gajner, Bikaner.

Early Days

Prakash joined navodaya with a typical aim of studying well, scoring good marks and making his parents proud, but soon he realised that the life is not only about getting a good score in academics, it’s something different which he was going to experience in the next seven years of his navodaya tenure. He was involved in various extracurricular activities including singing and playing various musical instruments, kho-kho was his all time favourite. Along with regular subject knowledge, he learnt various other things for which he gives full credits to all his mentors.

Finding Light In The Darkness

Guidance given by seniors and the teachers showed him the way to success. He decided to drop navodaya after 11th standard and started the preparation for JEE at Sikar. The rigorous training of navodaya helped him to adopt the situation immediately, for which students from various other schools were struggling. His dedication and sleepless nights helped him to achieve the prestigious tag of IIT and he enrolled in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture at IIT-Kharagpur.

Creativity Never Goes Out Of Style

Along with the academics, Prakash likes to involve himself in various creative activities such as Singing and Writing. Although, IIT is capable enough to provide a bigger platform to him but he wanted to set the horizon as the limit, and that’s why he started recording his melodious voice and the same can be found on his youtube channel. Apart from the love of music, he is also in the process of jotting down his thoughts in the diary, which will soon take the shape of a book to describe the extensive journey of youngsters.

Prakash says, “Through this forum i want to give a message to fellow navodayans, that there is no need to be apprehensive about anything in life. Anyway you have to go through all phases of life, why not to get fun out of it and do things which intrests you. But once you have selected your goal, you need to give your 100 percent, never hesitate to ask your seniors for anything, they are always there for your help. And finally a million thanks to Shubhendu Pandey for creating such an awesome platform to promote hidden talent of navodayans, i appeal every navodayan to support this mission in the best possible way.”

After his graduation, Prakash is planning to write UPSC exams for which he has already started preparing. Let’s listen to his melodious voice before giving your reactions in the comment box.