Mayur Dhoriya | Dancing Star from Jamnagar

There is no dearth of talent when it comes to navodayans. They are in every field, be it music, sports, arts etc. You name a thing and you will find a navodayan shining like a star. Today we are going to introduce a dancing star from Jamnagar, Mayur Dhoriya. Mayur is popularly known as MusiMan in his friend circle and definitely a personality who can mesmerise any gathering and can easily steal the show by his ability to entertain others.

Mayur fell in love with music as soon as he took his first breath in this beautiful world on 09th January 1996. Further, he joined Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya-Aliabada (Jamnagar), where he got wings to fly high with a dedicated music teacher, a variety of musical instruments and like-minded friends. He played piano in morning assembly a number of times, which boosted his moral and helped him to overcome his stage fear.

Mayur with his Friends

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya contributed a lot in shaping his personality and polishing his talent, it also provided numerous opportunities which he can never forget in his life.

Mayur says: “JNV has given me everything which I needed, it is like my family. In my opinion, every navodayan has its own book with the title ‘My 7 Golden Years of Navodaya’. Its difficult to describe my feelings and memories of glorious seven years in just one paragraph.”

Apart from his love for music, he is also interested in dancing and got inspiration from his seniors when he was in 10th standard. He discovered dancing as a second girlfriend after music. He is a big fan of Michael Jackson, Dharmendra Jadeja and several other dancing starts. He dedicates 4 to 5 hours per day for his dance practice.

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Now he is pursuing Civil Engineering from L.E. College Morbi, Gujrat and has got a bigger platform to present his talent. Apart from this, buying a beautiful home for his family finds top priority in his wishlist. You may follow him on Youtube & Facebook.